ABZ - Aarhus Art Book and Zine Fest 2018

What is happening at ABZ now? Join us below and tell your story.

Zines are self published pieces of paper sometimes together with other pieces of paper.

Come and see, buy and hear about Zines and Art books. There will be exhibitions and talks so hang around.

Here goes - a magazine from Aarhus.

I heard there was a full moon yesterday... great start for ABZ - today with more talks and insights!

HEFT is a Mikro collective - Torben and Ina. They started a space for city publications about Hamburg as well as political and scientific publications. The store was meant to bring people together around their city with readings, exhibitions, movie nights, etc. HEFT also participated in festivals with a zine reading corner, whete people would read between scheduled events. They were gentrifucked and removed from their space.
Their archive is a collection of donated works. The boxed archives can be shipped all over - in Germany it’s about €10 to deliver. The boxes go to different exhibitions so that people can contribute to them. They had a realease party with readings and projections from the images. HEFT wants to widen access to knowledge with unique pieces and a unique collection. Through their events, HEFT became interested in means of exchange - salon culture and political negotiation spaces - without traditional hierarchies. The benches encourage people to share space, adjust, and change your situation to change your mind.

Hello Casper Cosmus from Glasgow zine fest! Let’s get intimate.
I didn’t know i was making zines at first. I thought publications were going to make me an up and coming artist. I wanted to make a book from pictures and the printed matter became an experiment and exploration of color, paper, B&W, of what is photography and what isn’t, of what is a book and what isn’t. I have been experimenting with making scrolls from receipt paper.
I met the founder of Glasgow zine fest, Lauren, when she showed me a zine archive - 500 different copies. I hacked my uni's printers to make 4000 promotion flyer zines for Glasgow Zine Fair for free. We grew very quickly from the first two years to the third, from 500 participants per day to 2000 per day. We have a designated hour for increased access - for people in wheelchairs for example or with anxiety. This year we opened a Glasgow zine library with a shop where we host different events for people.

Meet Manuel from Chile and born under dictatorship, now living in Europe.
Dictatorship. Garden Rebellion. Leaves. Imagination mixed with reality. Holes. Strangers. Who made the holes? They answer me. The wall remembers Miguel Enriquez's murder. The police chase me in a dream. A nightmare. Pamphletes. White papers come. First days of nation protest. Bullets. Soldiers in the streets. You cannot leave. I hear a scream and bullets. A monster. In my fantasy, I am a good monster. I take the dictator like a puppet.
I've experienced many crap jobs. I felt like a monkey trying to work on a computer. I felt invisible working as a cleaner in Germany. Another Call - my work in a call center. For me it’s important to take these experiences and make something artistic.
Kiltraza started its activities in Chile in ‘94 to experiments with zines and print, later migrating to Spain and Germany.
"So, the zine's in a can?” Open it, it’s a surprise.