World View Lisbon Retreat 2018

This summer in Juli the World View Team was in Lisbon for a retreat.
We spent four days working together and setting the foundation for a good working relationship.

We ate Portugues pies and cooked together. We had Vinho Verde or ‘green wine’ it's only made in Portugal. We had a chill day at the beach and the strangest pizza that was more like a tortilla with pizza toppings, and white wine sangria. In conclusion. We ate well and enjoyed Portugal.

The retreat itself focused on different part of being a team. We started by getting to know the individual - how do you work, think, move, stay still etc.. with a slow conversation journey through the city. In the following days we moved to a composite chart of the team and overlaid that in what WV needs right now in order to clearly see how our strengths fit together.