Day 4: people start to look at me

Day 3 just started, come join us in the final day of this year's edition!

Day 2: here’s what happened

Andrea Bellacicca presenta il progetto #Doodleonchain a Fuori Visioni.
Arte e notarizzazione della proprietà di un'opera, blockchain e cryptovalute. Abbiamo scoperto che le due cose hanno adesso tantissimo in comune!
"Fiorenzuola oltre i confini" association present their projects.

Day 1: here’s what happened!
We are in Sant'Agostino, a magnificent former church in Piacenza!
The Festival starts NOW!

Great art festival!

We're having the Puppet show tonight. Be with us at 8 pm

Having a great time in Sant'Agostino!! Enjoy:)

Thank you for the oportunity of participating in such a great festival!

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