World View is a media company and an experiment.

We are a for profit company. Still, we strive to create value for others, our environment, and our society as a whole. We will never allow an opinion or perspective to be purchased. We are open to criticism, critique, and will hold ourselves accountable for our impact.

We believe that every voice deserves to help construct its communities’ narratives. We will never censor a perspective put forward in good faith. Neither will we tolerate oppressive behavior or hate speech. This includes racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism, ageism, toxic masculinity, misogyny, antisemitism, Islamophobia, ethnocentrism, or imperialism.

We believe that when used correctly, technology holds the power to transform our relationships, our ability to communicate, and our world. We will promote innovation, sustainability, and justice in our approach to technology. We will reinvent current strategies—the collection of user data, individual user profiles, toxic comment sections, and bias-reinforcing algorithms—to rethink the potential of our on and offline spaces.

We believe that our internal organization must be the primary reflection of our values. We will invest in our own development, take care of each other, and create space for open and frank conversations.

We choose to celebrate, appreciate, and share all that we have.
We choose to rethink the power structures that regulate our access to knowledge.
We choose to honor feedback, listening, and learning from one another.


C. Benedict
Started working on World View as his final project at the Kaospilots. C. has lived and travelled around the world, has a large network of creative and supportive colleagues, and has laid the foundation for the team to be successful. C. has gained leadership skills by studying creative leadership and organizational development and by working on projects around the world with diverse teams.

K. Strube
Studies Computer Science at Aarhus University and leads World View’s web platform development. K. began to program at a young age and has won entrepreneurship competitions, including the European Championship 2016. K. has experimented with many different frameworks, and currently works with .NET because it has been improved over many years to suit a variety of needs. Before World View, K. created the first prototypes of Subreader, which ignited their continued development.

A. Poisson
Is a Brussels-based Franco-American feminist philosopher, editor, and community organizer. A. quit academia after completing an M.A. in philosophy at KU Leuven to focus on alternative spaces for knowledge-sharing. In addition to World View, A. is a founding board member of Guerrilla Resistance, a platform for queer art and discussion in Brussels, and is the editorial strategist for an ethnography of Brussels’ queer and feminist landscape.


H. Ruddies has a background in Social Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Event Management, Cross-Cultural Communication, and International Business. H. is passionate about seeing how we can build conditions for diversity to thrive with the support of conscious leadership tools and social entrepreneurship. For the past four years H. has been part of Impact Hub and lead the global expansion strategy with a focus on team building, social entrepreneurship and diversity.

C. Duncan is a filmmaker, author, photographer and President of The Duncan Group, Inc., a documentary production company formed in 1984. C. has filmed in more than forty countries. C.’s documentary television specials and series have won more than 125 national and international awards. This work is focused on finding solutions to social, cultural, and environmental problems. C. has been involved in social entrepreneurship since before the term was commonly understood.

M. Javidiani is an award-winning systemic designer and researcher dedicated to untangling complexities, improving user experiences, and fostering engaged human centred responses to problems. M. draws on a diverse toolkit from a background in User Experience (UX) Research, Systemic Design, Service Design, and Design Strategy. M. holds a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation from OCAD University.

I. Santos Silva is an Adviser at the Cabinet of the Portuguese Secretary of State of Industry. Previously, I. cofounded Startup Pirates , a one-week pre-acceleration program for aspiring entrepreneurs; , a news portal about the Portuguese startup scene; and Trojan Horse was a Unicorn , the best event for digital artists in the world. I. is an alumna of the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program and of THNK, School of Creative Leadership, and is also part of networks like the Global Shapers and Sandbox Network.

X. Denis is a French software engineer, who has worked as a Site Reliability Engineer for Shopify, the largest e-commerce platform. At Shopify, X. focused on ensuring stability and preparing disaster recovery tools. X. now wants to apply this knowledge to public interest projects such as World View, so that not only the largest corporations can benefit from reliable and scalable technology.

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