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Some of our Stories

What is happening at ABZ now? Join us below and tell your story.

Zines are self published pieces of paper sometimes together with other pieces of paper.

Come and see, buy and hear about Zines and Art books. There will be exhibitions and talks so hang around.

Here goes - a magazine from Aarhus.

I heard there was a full moon yesterday... great start for ABZ - today with more talks and insights!

HEFT is a Mikro collective - Torben and Ina. They started a space for city ...

Day 4: people start to look at me

Day 3 just started, come join us in the final day of this year's edition!

Day 2: here’s what happened

Andrea Bellacicca presenta il progetto #Doodleonchain a Fuori Visioni.
Arte e notarizzazione della proprietà di un'opera, blockchain e cryptovalute. Abbiamo scoperto che le due cose hanno adesso tantissimo in comune!
"Fiorenzuola oltre i confini" association present their projects.

Day 1: here’s what happened!
We are in Sant'Agostino, a magnific...

This summer in Juli the World View Team was in Lisbon for a retreat.
We spent four days working together and setting the foundation for a good working relationship.

We ate Portugues pies and cooked together. We had Vinho Verde or ‘green wine’ it's only made in Portugal. We had a chill day at the beach and the strangest pizza that was more like a tortilla with pizza toppings, and white wine sangria. In conclusion. We ate well and enjoyed Portugal.

The retreat itself focused on different part of...

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